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"Through Jesus"
Where two or more are gathered, 
believing what they touch.
It shall be given to them, 
the Lord has stated such.
Wherever these assemble, 
behold the Lord is there.
Slap dab in between them, 
to intercede in prayer.
Ask for it in Jesus name, 
having faith we must believe.
That anything we ask of God, 
he's promised we'll receive.
If God's word is not in us, 
and we are not in him.
The chance we have for answered prayer,
is probably very slim.
Don't let the faith your standing in, 
waiver in the least.
The Father God will answer prayer, 
Through Jesus, the highest priest.
For we have not chosen him, 
but he has chosen us.
Ordaining us to bring forth fruit, 
we count it all a plus.
Just remember this my friend, 
we must trust it to the Son.
Cause we can't do it by ourselves,
but "Through Jesus," all is done.
The fervent prayers of a righteous man,
availeth much indeed.
Jesus Christ will harvest crop, 
if we will plant the seed.
Author ~ Timothy Jon Barrett