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Godís spirit meanders through emerald plains
To the highest coldest mountain peaks
Becoming the golden breath of life 

Voices of nature talk
Eternally speaking beautiful whispers
In its waves with the moonís reflection

Off in the distance 
A light upon the shore
A beacon in a dreary night

As the mist harbors 
Cloaking our mysterious desires
Haunted from past misconceptions

Beginning to walk this new passage 
I stepped away from my broken vessel 

What do I find but this quaint little boutique 
An angel greets me with a smiling countenance
As I turn and see a sign on the wall 

Welcome To 
The River Of Life Fishing Outfitters 
Hitting all the holes,reeling all the souls
And letting you cast all your cares upon Him

.........FIN............©8/14/01 RPF
Used with authors permission
From one of the poets of  Poets Nest


Music "As A Tree Beside The Water"
 Daily Reflections Midi Pages