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As He hung upon that cross and died,
  As He hung His head and cried,
     All my sins He endured
      That, by Satan, I be not lured.
        That day when thunder rolled
           With black skies all around, 
       The mystery and majesty did unfold...
        When from the cross they took Him down...
          Putting His body to rest in the ground. 
        My heart was filled with love untold
     As the tomb was sealed by the stone they rolled.
         I ached to see Him one more time,
        To see His loving eyes with mine.
       Three days later my wish came true...
        He rose from that tomb for me and you.
          Forty days He remained...
           As He ascended to heaven again,
          The Holy Spirit to us He gave...
           To Love, To Guide, And Save.
                (c) Author ~ D. Taylor, April 9, 1997