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 Building A Bridge
Once upon a time, not so long ago, a group of workers sat about
contemplating a bridge they had just completed.

Doubt spoke up about how he had nearly given up.  The work has 
been too hard.  The hours were too long.  The equipment given to do the 
job (he'd decided in his mind alone) were defective.  The parts construed 
as not compatible for what would be the finished product. 

Now H
opeful spoke out "But as always with patience and perseverance 
as part of the work crew, the end result is usually better then expected." 

Integrity was not about to be left out of this conversation, and quickly 
put in his opinion.  He pointed out that the quality of the materials used, would surely guarantee safe passage to places known as "that which is 
right and just," as well as other's like them.   
Skill echoed his agreement "Surely doing it
right, having us working 
together, pulling together, thinking things out, has made this bridge

In a caring tone of voice spoke up Love -
"The supports we used for the bridge will be enough to overcome any burdens placed upon it.  Surely it will not have a weight from the world 
too heavy to bear.  Once more they looked upon what they had built.  Perhaps others would travel this way, see and imitate it, for truly it was 
a work of art." 

"What shall we call this bridge?" 
They asked of their foreman, Mr. Wisdom,
who replied without hesitation -
An Allegory by Vickey Stamps

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 The Golden City